CCTV Inspections

Sanitary Sewer

Storm Sewer

Lateral Inspections

Small Diameter Pipe

Non-Potable Water/Force Main

Manhole Inspections


Sanitary Sewers

Storm Sewer

Small Diameter Pipe

Non-Potable Water/Force Main

Manholes & Inlets

Lift Stations


Manhole Rehabilitation

CIPP Section Repair/Point Repair

CIPP Lining/Rehabilitation 3″ – 8″

Infiltration Repair


Inspection is a vital process in diagnosing, maintaining and rehabilitating pipeline and manholes.  All DRC Operators are PACP, LACP and MACP certified through the federal program NASSCO. Your inspection will have standardized video codes for reliable pipeline assessments. Comprehensive reports with corresponding videos are provided to customers with CCTV inspections.


Cleaning  and Inspection often go hand in hand during Pipeline assessments. Our Hydrovac Trucks are used for high pressure cleaning of services to remove roots, debris, and buildup. Clean service lines help establish baseline conditions of utility systems. Cleaning and Inspection provide critical information to reduce costs and anticipate budgetary projections for Municipalities, Commercial and Federal Clients.


Rehabilitation of Utilities is the final step in maintaining services. Ground Water Infiltration, corrosion and physical damage of sewer systems through manholes or pipelines is a large economic and environmental cost. DRC specializes in several forms of Trenchless rehabilitation to maintain or renew underground utilities reducing years of costly repairs, backups or pipeline failures.